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Smart Metering

Rising energy costs, environmental and climate protection issues, and commercial feasibility call for more transparency in energy consumption. Annual energy bills do not provide detailed information on the energy usage and costs of individual appliances. Smart meters measure the energy consumption of each appliance, be it electricity, gas water or heat. Based on this accurate information, you can maximize energy-saving potential and control your energy bills.

Why must the measure be redesigned?

The energy industry is faced with new challenges to an increasing degree – the diversity and decentral organization of energy production and consumption require creativity and innovation. The stability and the security of supply in energy market only can be ensured, if the electricity and gas networks are able to rise to theincreasingly complex challenges due to wind energy, trade and fluctuating demand. The conventional method of metering does not comply with the technological development: it is intransparent and does not provide an incentive for energy-efficient behaviour.

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