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Kamstrup cold and warm water meters

Multical 62

MULTICAL 62 is an ultrasonic flow sensor, which is used for measurement of cold water consumption (0.1...50°C) and hot water consumption (0.1...90°C) in trade, industry and housing. 
The ultrasonic sensor does not include any mechanical parts, which means that it is not subject to wear. This prolongs the sensor’s lifetime considerably and even at low flows the sensor maintains its pinpoint accuracy throughout its entire lifetime.

Meter MID approved

Storage of Consumption Data

The integrated KNX data logger stores the data at 15 minute intervals over a period of one year. The data can be read out directly via the NK-FW network coupler using a standard Internet browser. By using FTP, you can also download the stored data from the KNX/EIB module for further processing, for example with MS Excel or Flash / Silverlight. The application program offers 21 data points for further processing in the KNX/EIB bus. The individual data can be transmitted cyclically to the KNX bus.

Available designs:                                     

  • Qn 1,6/ DN15/ length 110mm/G3/4 B         
  • Qn 1,6/ DN20/ length 110mm/G1 B             
  • Qn 1,6/ DN20/ length 190mm/G1 B             
  • Qn 2,5/ DN20/ length 190mm/G1 B             
  • Qn 4,0/ DN25/ length 260mm/G5/4 B         
  • Qn 6,3/ DN25/ length 260mm/G5/4 B    
  • Qn 10/ DN40/ length 300mm/G5/4 B *        

*avaiable only Kamstrup hot water meter

KNX cold water meters - Multical 62
KNX hot water meters - Multical 62

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