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The KNX elektricity meter from Finder are direct connection single-phase and three-phase meters for 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount. The meter are full electronic without movable parts. Thus, shock and impact during transport and mounting do not affect energy registration. 

  • single-phase-unidirectional meter
  • including separate KNX BCU (2RU) with FacilityWeb
  • adds quick-ability


Storage of Consumption Data

The  Lingg & Janke KNX module stores the measured data every 15 minutes over a period of one year and provides full FacilityWeb capability. Every meter has its own home page. The meter readings can be read out directly via a network coupler using a standard Internet browser, or transmitted for further processing and billing purposes using FTP. Consistent communication based on the TCP/IP and KNX protocol is the key to fast and costeffective acquisition of operating and energy consumption data.

Available Types

designation type order-no.
1-phase meter 5 (32)A EZ7E23-C1-REG-FW 87763
Direktmessender KNX Elektroenergie Zähler REG

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