KNX meter interfaces

Via the KNX FacilityWeb interface from Lingg & Janke a multiplicity of gas-, water-, heat- and Oil meters can be connected to KNX, independent of their manufacturer.


  • complete FacilityWeb functionality (via NK-FW)
  • HTTP-protocol, dedicated homepage
  • integrated data logging for 1-year, via NK-FW
  • Function to be guaranteed only for meters delivered by Lingg & Janke


type Best.Nr.
gas meters  
Elster gas meter Gx AE2/AE3 87980
Itron gas meter Gx RF1c 87981
heat meters  
Engelmann Sensostar 2 / Sensostar 2C 87964
Hydrometer Sharky Heat 87967
Kamstrup Multical 602 heat meter / Multical 602 Solar / Multical 602 all-purpose meters / Multical cold meter 87969
Zenner Zelsius C5 Heat Meters 87971
water meters  
Andrae cold and warm water meters (M-BUS) 87925
Allmess domestic water meter for Allmess BM Modul


Allmess general water meter for Allmess Cyble module V 1.4


Engelmann (M-Bus) 87927
Hydrometer CoronaE cold and warm water meters Corona E 87922
Hydrometer Hydrus 87922
Kamstrup cold and warm meters - Multical 62 87984
Manthey water meter MODM 87920
NZR water meter MODM 87921
Hydrometer CoronaE MBUS/PULS 87922
Sensus water meter HRI-B1/12 87985
Sensus household water meter  87985
electricity meters  
Kamstrup energy meter EZ162/382/351 Omnipower 87799


KNX Interfaces